DYK6: Instant Access Ports

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DYK6: Instant Access Ports

This is the sixth in our ‘Did you know’ series of articles introducing things you may not know about the Whitley range of products and services – read on and you may find out something about your workstation that could make your working life easier.

The Whitley Instant Access Porthole System is designed to provide rapid and convenient operator ingress. If you have, or are thinking of ordering, a workstation with this type of port, did you know how easy it is to replace the flexible membrane component?

Which Whitley Workstations can have the Instant Access Porthole System?

This system is currently available on the A35 Anaerobic Workstation and A45 Anaerobic Workstation … but we are working on others!

Why might the membrane need to be changed?

As operators enter and exit the workstation over time, wear and tear will inevitably occur. To avoid damage to the membrane and for best laboratory practice, operators should remove watches and bulky jewellery before using the porthole.

Always use talc before inserting your hands through the membranes. This will also help to prolong the life of the membrane. Our tests confirm that used in accordance with our instructions, the membrane will easily last over 12 months.

How will changing the membrane affect my workstation’s internal conditions?

One of the patented features of this system is that a membrane can be changed without compromising the workstation’s environmental conditions.

How do I change the membrane?

It’s very easy. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the change is carried out correctly. The instructions can be found at Changing Instant Access Porthole Membranes on the Don Whitley Scientific website. You can print this PDF document out or save it for later reference.

What if I have any difficulty and need to ask a question?

In the UK, simply email our sales team on sales@dwscientific.co.uk and someone will give you a call.

If you are not based in the UK, please contact our authorised distributor in your country – a distributor look-up facility is provided on our website.


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