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Tuttnauer T-Lab Eco Line autoclave

We are all trying to do our best for the environment so isn't it time to switch to an autoclave that uses water and power resources more economically? 

A new autoclave - the V85 T-Lab Eco Line - provides affordable performance and reliability for laboratory sterilisation.

Developed to optimise laboratory resources such as water, power and operating time, the T-Lab Eco Line autoclave is simple and economic to use. This vertical, floor-standing autoclave provides an affordable, reliable sterilisation solution for your laboratory that can deal with a wide range of load types, such as liquids and solids such as glassware and metal utensils. A reliable laboratory workhorse, the V85 is ideal for day-to-day sterilisation and is very user-friendly. It has a high resolution, colour touchscreen interface and provides multiple sterilisation programmes.

The 85 litre chamber capacity can accommodate, for example, 5 x 1000ml Erlenmeyer flasks or 12 x 500ml Schott Duran bottles.

Easy to install, the V85’s plug and play mode does not require dedicated connections – just a power source. It comes with connectivity to R PC R and stores the last 1000 sterilisation cycles in its onboard memory. This autoclave has two PT100 sensors as standard and a built-in cooling fan.

Wire autoclave basket

Two stainless steel, wire baskets are included with each autoclave and additional baskets and trays are available if required.

There is also an optional thermal printer available for traceability.

Less water is wasted, less electricity consumed and less time is spent on maintenance and repair.

Call or email to speak to our sales team about how your lab can become more environmentally-friendly:

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