Faster and more precise results with the WASP Touch spiral plater

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Faster and more precise results with the WASP Touch spiral plater

In a new video, a WASP Touch customer describes how to use a spiral plater to guarantee precise and fast results. At the Bilacon laboratory of Tentamus, Germany, they use the WASP Touch spiral plater from Don Whitley Scientific to automate and accelerate the plating process in microbiology. In his video, Tobias Stapper, head of the microbiology department, explains how the WASP Touch and the ProtoCOL 3 Plus colony counter work together in his lab:

Designed to deposit accurate volumes of liquid sample in an Archimedes spiral onto the surface of a rotating agar plate. The WASP Touch spiral plater guides you through the setup and daily check routines to ensure consistent results every day.

WASP Touch combines a patented automated internal sanitisation system, precise deposition, Flowsense technology to ensure steady liquid flow and a fully integrated vacuum waste system, in a compact apparatus that fits neatly on both a workbench and within a Whitley Workstation. Spiral plating techniques are also recognised in ISO 4833-2 and 7218 as well as the AOAC 977.27 standard.


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