First Whitley Laminar Flow Workstation Launched

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First Whitley Laminar Flow Workstation Launched

Don Whitley Scientific is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Whitley A135 Laminar Flow Workstation. For over 40 years, DWS has enjoyed a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of anaerobic workstations. As the needs of our customers have evolved over the last four decades - so too have our products.

Our Anaerobic Range comes in all shapes and sizes; the most compact can accommodate 200 Petri dishes, whilst the largest can house up to 1,400. For work which requires the ability to operate large pieces of laboratory equipment in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment, the A135 and A155 offer internal volumes of 950 and 1,900 litres respectively. 

The next step for DWS was to develop innovative laminar flow technology. The Whitley A135 Laminar Flow Workstation is a truly unique* product that provides highly effective product protection. Combining laminar flow technology with our expertise in designing and manufacturing anaerobic workstations, we have successfully created a laminar flow workstation that allows users to process samples under strict anaerobic conditions.

Learn more about this revolutionary product here.

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*Patent applied for 


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