5 New Features of the GMP Workstation

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5 New Features of the GMP Workstation

  1. Laminar Airflow
    • GMP workstations provide Grade A air cleanliness (EU GMP), and combine sterile laminar airflow, positive operating pressure, and physical isolation, to provide highly effective product protection. Validation can be done by us or a third-party in the form of DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) testing. 
  2. VHP Readiness
    • A range of possible decontamination protocols are available, including the use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Environment Monitoring & Software
    • Atmospheric conditions for oxygen, humidity and temperature are continually monitored and intelligent monitoring continually measures atmospheric downflow to ensure optimised HEPA filter performance. You can also view workstation data remotely and download it in non-editable format.
  4. New Style Gauntlets
    • A range of easy-to-change gauntlet options are available that can be changed in situ without compromising the workstation atmosphere.
  5. Combination Capability
    • The GMP range has been designed as a modular system allowing multiple workstations to be joined, providing total flexibility.


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