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Is it time for some refresher training?

No matter how long you have had your Whitley Workstation, there have probably been some  staff changes in that time. Do you know who has had the required level of training on the workstation? Did you know that we support our customers with free refresher training as part of your DWS service contract?

What does the training involve?

We can help explain how to create an anaerobic environment and why this is important. We review why the ports need to be used in a certain way so that you are not using more gas than you need to. Explaining how to use the airlock can also help to run the workstation more economically. We can also review some of the higher functions of the machine to ensure you get a more informed picture of what’s happening inside the chamber.

How long does this training take?

It depends what is required but usually takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour plus questions.

Scientist in lab coat and goggles using anaerobic workstation

Can the training be tailored?

Yes. Customers help tailor the training programme and specify the level of training required for their personnel. It may be that some require more basic sessions and some require more in-depth training.

What can this training achieve?

Procedures change over time and this may have affected best practice. Training people to use the workstation properly could not only improve the effectiveness of your anaerobic culture but also increase staff confidence when using the machine. Using less gas could also contribute to becoming more economical.

There may also be newer features on the workstation of which you are not aware. Does your workstation have Anaerobic Conditions Monitoring and, if so, how does this work? How do you download data from the workstation? And more importantly, how would these features be useful and help you be more efficient?

If required, we can issue training certificates to each person participating in the training.

How can I book some training?

Please call our sales admin team on 01274 595728 or email . You will be asked for your location so they can contact the nearest representative to you. That representative will then call you to discuss and plan your session.


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