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lectro-biotechnology Working Group of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

An electro-biotechnology research organisation in Germany were very happy with their new M135 HEPA Workstation. The installation was completed by our German sister company in, Meintrup DWS Laborgeräte.

Electro-biotechnology Working Group of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) investigates electro-active microorganisms from many different perspectives, using electrochemical, thermodynamic and molecular biological methods. The group is conducting intensive research into the concept of electro-biorefinery in which chemical, electrochemical and biotechnological approaches are combined to produce environmentally-friendly chemicals and energy sources from biological waste. In particular, the focus is on electrochemical CO2 reduction and electro-organic syntheses. 

Electro-active microorganisms and microbial electrochemical technologies have been intensively researched for just over 20 years, as they have great application potential (eg. wastewater treatment and powerWhitley M135 HEPA Work Station generation). In addition, many experimental results suggest that they can influence various environmental processes. These include the carbon and nitrogen cycle, bio-geochemical redox cycles, microbial communities, and even electro-active microorganisms detected in the guts of mammals. The Whitley M135 HEPA is proving of great value to Prof. Falk Harnisch and his colleagues in their research.

A big thank you to Meintrup for supplying this installation story. It is great to see Whitley Workstations being installed around the world.


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