How We're Helping You to Get Back to Work Safely

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How We're Helping You to Get Back to Work Safely

As more and more facilities across the country begin to re-open, the team at Don Whitley Scientific are here to help make your return to work as safe and stress-free as possible.

If you already have a service contract and would like some assistance re-commissioning your workstation after it being switched off for an extended period of time, one of our technical sales representatives or service engineers can visit free of charge, or provide support via video or audio call if you would prefer. To arrange this, please contact us here.     

If you do not currently have a service contract, we offer a competitive rate for an engineer to visit your site and thoroughly clean, test and re-commission your workstation. Contact us for more information here.

We can calibrate a range of temperature equipment ranging from media preparators and autoclaves through to temperature monitoring probes. We also offer temperature mapping of incubators, fridge freezers and cold stores. To discuss your requirements, contact us here.

Some of our customers have asked for guidance on the appropriate use of Whitley Workstations during Covid-19, and we have compiled the below list of observations. These recommendations should be considered alongside risk assessments conducted by individual organisations/laboratories and the working and safety procedures they have determined to implement.

Recommendations for Workstation Users:

  • Cleaning Your Workstation
    After every workstation working session DWS recommends that customers implement a cleaning regime for at least the front surfaces of the workstation, the glove ports and sleeves using antiviral wipes or disinfectant. A range of bactericidal and virucidal disinfectants which may be used on the interior and exterior surfaces of Whitley Workstations have been tested in the DWS laboratory. Please refer to Whitley Technical Note MA98 (request a copy of this here).

  • Using the Instant Access Porthole System (IAPS)
    You may have previously been used to operating the IAPS with bare arms, but the ports will also operate successfully when used over the sleeves of laboratory coats and whilst wearing disposable gloves.

  • Cleaning Sleeves
    The sleeves fitted to Whitley Workstations equipped with conventional ports are washable and can be disinfected.

  • Workstations with 4 Portholes
    Some Whitley Workstations are fitted with two pairs of ports. This allows two users to operate side by side. Consider installing a side screen(s) to separate users from each other.

  • Use of Face Masks
    Because an operator’s face will, of necessity, be in close proximity to the outer surfaces of a chamber, it may be appropriate for face coverings to be worn to minimise the risk of expelling droplets onto the surface of the chamber.

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