Increase Your Throughput with a Walk-away Dispensing System

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Increase Your Throughput with a Walk-away Dispensing System

Could you do with eliminating some of the time-consuming and laborious chores in your laboratory? 

With the walk-away POLYWEL 3D, your staff will be free to perform other tasks while it dispenses 9ml of culture media into 1,000 tubes in just 60 minutes.

Bottles and tubes of varying sizes and volumes can be filled, making the POLYWEL 3D a truly versatile piece of equipment. Full calibration at the start of any run (and at user-defined intervals) ensures full traceability is available to satisfy quality system audits.

With autoclavable racks and tubing, it is possible to fill tubes and bottles pre-sterilisation or fill aseptically from a media preparator or other sterile media vessel. The racks have been designed so that tubes can be inserted directly from the packaging.

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