Introducing the MEDIAWEL 50

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The MEDIAWEL 50 is the latest automatic media preparator on the market that will optimise your laboratory’s workflow. With the same footprint as its predecessor, the MEDIAWEL 30, and a capacity of up to 50 litres of media, the MEDIAWEL 50 allows for quick and accurate production of all types of agar, broths and dilution fluids without taking up any extra laboratory space.

Offering flexibility and speed the MEDIAWEL 50 can increase productivity, quality, repeatability and traceability. With temperature accuracy, fast heating and cooling and WiFi-compatible real-time monitoring, you can be more flexible with the type of media you want to prepare.

Safe to use, the safety lid locks when the temperature reaches 80°C. Using various locking mechanisms, visible and audible alarms, and an anti-shock housing, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. The MEDIAWEL 50 also incorporates a drain mechanism underneath the product to facilitate easy cleaning.

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