Why Should You Switch to a MEDIAWEL Automatic Media Preparator?

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Why Should You Switch to a MEDIAWEL Automatic Media Preparator?

Why Should You Switch to a MEDIAWEL Automatic Media Preparator?

With a MEDIAWEL automatic media preparator you can produce all types of broths, agars and diluents – and you can do it quickly and accurately. 

With capacities from either 1 - 10 litres or 2.5 - 30 litres, the MEDIAWEL range provides high temperature accuracy, repeatability, quality, traceability and increased productivity.

Designed with user safety as the top priority, these media preparators feature visible and audible alarms and various locking mechanisms. As a result of these measures, the risk of injury is considerably less than the risks associated with the manual preparation of media.

10 things that set these automated media preparators apart:

Slow stirring to avoid bubbling: 9 adjustable speeds from 20 to 110 rpm

95°C to 125°C Sterilisation temperature

Temperature precision: +/- 0.5°C after temperature stabilisation

7" colour touchscreen LCD display storing up to 50 programmes

Continuous homogenisation

One click connection/disconnection from water supply

Safety lid locks into place when temperature reaches 80°C

Real time data monitoring available through WIFI or Ethernet connection to your PC, Smartphone or tablet.

Traceability: Each cycle is recorded and stored locally and can be exported (PDF or CSV format) via the USB drive. Printer option also available.

Store up to 10,000 cycles with the 16GB SD card

~ Customer Testimonial ~

Last year we installed several MEDIAWEL 30s for a market-leading food testing lab in Northumberland. This facility regularly needs to produce 70+ litres of media per day, and the Microbiology Production Manager shared with us the difference the automated media preparators have made:

“The Mediawel 30 has been a game-changer in terms of the volume of media we can produce. With this new media preparator we can do a 20 litre run in the same time it used to take us to do 8 litres! Our staff love it and find it intuitive to use. The USB stick method works well for data logging, and the cleaning process is much simpler with the drainage plug to extract excess media from the bottom. Overall we’ve seen a huge improvement with all of this new equipment, and are looking to buy more soon, which speaks for itself!”


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