More Trees Planted in 2021

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More Trees Planted in 2021

Planting trees is the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. Trees store pollutants such as carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Scientists say the affects trees have is massively significant - they can negate the emissions that are pumped into the air by human activities.

Don Whitley Scientific has again renewed its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by signing up for another year with Oblong Trees. The donation enables Oblong to continue to plant trees all over the world with the target of planting over 240 trees for each employee over a 10-year period.

Here's some of the activity carried out in 2021:

February Esperance, WA, Australia
300 trees

May Mount Kenya Reforestation & surrounding farms

6000 trees
June Phillip Island, Australia

400 trees
October Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia

4500 trees

Project to boost the salmon population and, in turn, clean rivers and protect orca, USA

2000 trees
November Priors Hardwick, Warwickshire, UK

343 trees
December Somers Koala Habitat, Australia

800 trees

Corridor of trees in Warwickshire, UK

245 trees

Site near M40, UK
435 trees

According to the Committee on Climate Change, we need between 1.5 billion more trees to become carbon neutral. There are 35 million people employed within the UK so if each business planted 240 trees per employee, then we would have planted over 8 billion more trees.

DWS’s support of this scheme means that we are making our contribution to this amazing scheme, helping to protect wildlife by recreating lost habitats and ensuring there are enough trees planted for each of us to make  a positive impact on climate change.



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