Achieve Apoptosis with Recommended Disinfectant for Whitley Workstations

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Achieve Apoptosis with Recommended Disinfectant for Whitley Workstations

We regularly receive enquiries from our users asking for the best disinfectant to use when cleaning their Whitley Workstations. CHEMGENE HLD4H is the fastest acting and most efficient virucidal and sporicidal disinfectant available in non-oxidising technology. 

With CHEMGENE you can ensure that apoptosis is achieved rather than merely suspending activity as with conventional products. The synergistic blend of active and inert ingredients enables CHEMGENE to work quicker than conventional High Level Disinfectants.

This product is safe to use with our range of anaerobichypoxic and microaerobic workstations, and will not corrode or deteriorate any of the components. 

Available forms: concentrate solution, ready-to-use spray and impregnated wipes

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