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5 decimal place balances

We are excited to announce that Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has extended its scope of accreditation, enhancing our calibration services to better serve your laboratory needs.

New Calibration Capabilities

DWS can now calibrate precision analytical balances often referred to as Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) - with a resolution of up to 5 decimal places. This extension builds on our previous capability of calibrating instruments with up to 4 decimal places.

What This Means for You

  • NAWI Calibration up to 4 Decimal Places: We can calibrate instruments over the range of 0-9 kg using class F1 weights.
  •  NAWI Calibration up to 5 Decimal Places: We can calibrate instruments over the range of 0-200g using class E2 weights.

Additional Service Offerings

To complement our new calibration capabilities, we are pleased to offer comprehensive service and maintenance contracts. These contracts ensure your instruments continue to operate reliably and provide accurate results, giving you greater peace of mind. We can even book your calibration and routine service into the same visit, ensuring your equipment is out of use for as little time as possible.

Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument (NAWI) in use

Ensure precision with our new calibration services and contact us today using the form below.

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