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Video testimonial

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr Francesco Licausi, Associate Professor of Plant Sciences and Monica Perri, DPhil Student of Interdisciplinary Bioscience at the University of Oxford.

Our latest video testimonial highlights Dr Licausi and team’s work investigating the effects of different oxygen concentrations on plants. He explains how he tasked Don Whitley Scientific with developing a hypoxic workstation with refrigeration facilities, a light-proof cover, and special LED lighting to facilitate his research.

The duo at Oxford use the Hypoxystation to study the mechanisms that allow plant cells to sense oxygen levels and initiate signalling cascades towards developmental trajectories and metabolic adjustments. They also use synthetic biology approaches to exploit oxygen sensing mechanisms across kingdoms and investigate the evolution of aerobic metabolism, multicellularity and oxygen homeostasis.

Francesco expressed his happiness at the consistency, reliability and accuracy of the Whitley Workstation as well as having had the ability to collaborate with DWS to create a tailor-made solution to advance his research.


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