The NEW Whitley Jar Gassing System: AtmoGen

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The AtmoGen

Announcing the launch of our latest product – Whitley AtmoGen – the new and improved Whitley Jar Gassing System.

With fresh, modern graphics, bespoke software, and optional dual gas input, the AtmoGen can generate multiple atmospheres: anaerobic, microaerobic and capnophilic – and still in the most convenient, rapid and cost-effective way. One major improvement is that this system can gas three jars simultaneously.

It is easy to use, with no complicated operator training required, and can be used with your existing anaerobic jars (using an adaptor kit).

Here are some more of the new features:

  • Comes complete with an optional catalyst check to ensure an effective catalyst is in place.
  • Three times faster than others on the market on a standard anaerobic cycle.
  • New, ergonomic design includes grip areas for easy manoeuvre.
  • Perfect for use with the Whitley Incubation Box
  • Operates with re-usable catalyst
  • USB and Ethernet enabled:
  • for the flexibility to connect to almost any printer.
  • for data logging - retains 90 days’ worth of data.

The facts and figures

A single microaerobic cycle is completed in just 19 seconds (compared with a competitors at 2 minutes 35 seconds). A single anaerobic cycle - without catalyst check - with the AtmoGen takes 1 minute 55 seconds (compared to 6 minutes 50 seconds from the same competitor). A capnophilic cycle takes an astounding 3 seconds.

We have calculated* that if you are processing 30 samples per day the running cost of AtmoGen is less than £720 per year whilst using gas packs costs £3,580 per year. Based on this the cost of the AtmoGen could be recouped in less than two and a half years.


We have units available for in person demonstrations so please contact our sales team for further information. And don’t forget that AtmoGen is ideal for use with the Whitley Incubation Box (one box is supplied with each AtmoGen).

Get in touch using the form below or open the range brochure to see how our products could improve your labs efficiency.

*Figures calculated using prices from BOC, DWS, and Thermo Fisher

Unlock the future of controlled atmospheres with the Whitley AtmoGen and Incubation Box.


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