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Only the best in Bonnybridge

We recently had the pleasure of installing a Whitley A25 Anaerobic Workstation and three MEDIAWEL automated media preparators at E&O laboratories in Bonnybridge, Scotland. E&O source, prepare and supply high quality culture media.

Building on the success of an installation earlier in the year for a suite of automated preparators, E&O once again put their trust in Don Whitley Scientific for the procurement of a Whitley Anaerobic Workstation, a replacement for an older Whitley Workstation the lab had been using happily for many years.

Sales Director, Steve Robertson was there to install the new Workstation and see how the team were getting on. They were very excited to receive their new Anaerobic Workstation which will be essential in keeping up a recent increase in demand.

The cabinet provides E&O with the precise anaerobic conditions required to complete the checks necessary to produce such high-quality media. As one of our most compact workstations, the Whitley A25 is equipped with many unique features to ensure straightforward and effective use. It has a capacity of 300 Petri dishes while still leaving space ample to process samples in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment.

The A25 will provide the ability to test the lab’s media in a stable and reliable environment and due to the instant access ports and clear acrylic front, the team will be able to check anaerobic growth without risking sample deterioration.

For further information regarding our range of Whitley Workstations or Automated Media Preparators, head over to our website or fill in the contact form below.

If you would like to see more about this installation, click here to view a video taken at E&O Laboratories.

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