Supporting the Scientific Community

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Supporting the Scientific Community

As well as manufacturing and supplying equipment for microbiology and cell culture applications worldwide, Don Whitley Scientific also makes an extensive effort to support the scientific community. For several years we have supported science through various means, these are listed below.




Workstation Poster Grant

If you have used a Whitley Workstation or Hypoxystation in your work and have mentioned it in your poster or published paper, let us know and you could be entitled to a grant of £250. All we ask in return is a copy of your poster/paper so we can use it on our website to help promote the range to others. Payment will be made in good faith after receipt and approval of the draft poster/paper to enable you to travel to the event to present it.

To apply for this grant, please send a copy of your draft poster or paper along with your contact details to If you are presenting a poster at an event, don’t forget to let us know the title of the event and the date you will be making your presentation.



Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course

Every year Don Whitley Scientific supports and administers the Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course, which is delivered by the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit. In 2018 the course had a full complement of 26 delegates, including overseas visitors from Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Germany and Costa Rica.

Feedback from delegates has always been very positive with the majority rating it ‘excellent’ overall. The course has a friendly and informative atmosphere which the participants particularly enjoy. Recent comments about the course have been “Excellent course, will definitely recommend to others” and “It is an excellent workshop and I will recommend the course, even if you are working outside the UK. Lectures were clear and well organised. The booklets are very educational for my needs”. We plan to support the course again in 2019, dates are not yet finalised so keep an eye on the DWS blog or contact us on


Pam Course 2018

Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course 2018


University and Poster Prizes

For over 20 years Don Whitley Scientific’s Head of Science, Dr Andrew Pridmore has presented awards at The University of Bradford and The University of Leeds.

At The University of Leeds the prizes are awarded each year for poster presentations of the students’ final year research projects. These are divided into two categories – laboratory research and literature review.

At The University of Bradford a single prize is awarded for the student who gets the best marks in Microbiology. This award was won by Dr Pridmore himself back in 1991.


Andrew Pridmore at Bradford Uni

Andrew Pridmore presenting an award at The University of Bradford


Free Guide to Clinical Anaerobes

Don Whitley Scientific also provides free resources that may be useful in the lab. One of these resources is “An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology”. This publication is a unique guide that enables readers to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring clinically important anaerobic bacteria. It consists of 60 pages and is illustrated with stunningly detailed colour photographs and attractive reference tables. Designed to fill a gap in the practical references materials currently available to support clinical laboratory practice for microbiologists, the publication was written by Professor Michael W D Wren, MBE FIBMS, former consultant Biomedical Scientist working in the microbiology department, University College Hospital, and visiting Professor at The University of Westminster. The guide also features input from Dr. Don Whitley, Chairman and founder of Don Whitley Scientific Limited. Considerable expert knowledge has been combined to make this the most up-to-date reference guide for the modern clinical laboratory.

We are offering a free copy (UK only) of this publication to those who would find it useful in their work. To apply for your free copy, please contact us at


Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology


Free Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Anaerobe Posters

After producing “An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology” we thought it may be useful to provide posters that identify key gram-negative and gram-positive anaerobes. We provide these posters free of charge in either A4 (which can be sent digitally) or A2 (by post). If you are not based in the UK, please contact your local DWS distributor to request copies.


Gram postive anaerobes

The Gram-Positive Anaerobes poster



Free Guide to Anaerobic Sample Collection and TransportGuide for Clinicians Leaflet Front

This free guide (UK only), entitled “Optimising Specimen Collection and Transportation for Isolation of Anaerobic Bacteria” provides advice for the clinicians you work with on the isolation and transportation of anaerobes. The publication was written by Selina Scotford of the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit.

Written for the guidance of clinicians working with anaerobic bacteria, the leaflet details key points to consider when collecting and transporting anaerobic samples. The guide gives information on the required specimen types for successful isolation as well as vital do’s and dont’s for sample transportations.

The content of the guide is based upon a lecture Selina Scotford delivered during the 2015 Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course.










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