Travel Award granted to Chun Li of Hull University

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Travel Award granted by Don Whitley Scientific

The Don Whitley Scientific Travel Award helps to fund those that have evidenced the use of a Whitley Workstation to travel to present their findings at a conference.

Recently, the DWS Travel Award allowed 3rd year PhD student Chun Li, from Dr Isabel Pires’ research group at the University of Hull, to present her work looking at exploring the biology of WSB-1 signalling as a therapeutic target in hypoxic breast cancer at the ARR (Association for Radiation Research) 2022 meeting in London 5-7 June.

Chun’s work has shown that WSB-1, a factor that targets other proteins to degradation and is hypoxia-inducible, can mediate changes in the biology of breast cancer cells in vitro, specifically regulating the pathways linked with cellular responses to DNA damage. Chun has shown that cells with high levels of WSB-1 are very sensitive to drugs that target these pathways. Importantly, they found that combining these with radiotherapy can increase cell sensitivity further in normoxic and hypoxic conditions. This is important as hypoxic cells are resistant to radiotherapy treatment, so radio-enhancing strategies are of great interest in the field. For her work, Chun used a Whitley H35 Hypoxystation at the Pires lab, in Hull.

We look forward to seeing more of this work in the future and wish all the best to the group in Hull.

If you are interested in our travel grants, head over to our website to see how much the grant is and what criteria you need to meet!


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