Ultimate Workstation Flexibility

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Ultimate Workstation Flexibility

A quality anaerobic, microaerobic or cell culture workstation can be a significant investment for a laboratory. The workstation you select must have all the features and options you need for your particular area of research. If lack of budget is holding up the process, what about thinking of different ways to justify the expenditure or share the costs?

The M Range

Here’s something you may not know about Whitley Microaerobic Workstations: these models combine all the features of the A (anaerobic) and H (hypoxic) range of workstations in one. An M (microaerobic) workstation is a true variable atmosphere workstation in that it can create any of the three types of chamber conditions – perfect flexibility when the workstation needs to be used for different types of organism or is shared between laboratories/scientific disciplines.

It’s in the Mix

The secret is that the M range is a four-gas workstation (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air and a hydrogen/nitrogen mix) with O2, CO2 and, uniquely, H2 sensors. The colour touchscreen interface makes it easy for the user to change the mix of gases combining in the workstation to generate different atmospheres. When creating anaerobic conditions, catalyst and Anotox® are used to remove the oxygen but when there is a need to introduce small amounts of oxygen, simply adjust the conditions using the touchscreen. It may be that your research would benefit from the ability to mix different gases at different temperatures or levels of humidity – with the M range, you can do this.

Oxygen Profiling

With oxygen profiling, you can pre-programme the workstation with different oxygen levels. The user can determine how long the workstation atmosphere remains at a particular oxygen level and when to adjust to higher or lower oxygen concentrations.

Whitley AsPROvacNo Size Compromise

Three sizes of airlock are included in the range, specific to different models: 12 litres, 16 litres and 36 litres. HEPA filtration is also available on all seven sizes of this workstation. There is no compromise on size – this range has capacities from 300 litres (capable of accommodating up to 600 x 90ml Petri dishes) to 1,800 litres. Researchers usually specify a removable front so they can introduce and use a variety of laboratory equipment inside the workstation, such as microscopes, colony pickers and imaging systems. Other useful options are the adjustable height trolley, single plate entry system, and the Whitley AsPROvac, a liquid waste removal system.

30 litre airlock on a Whitley WorkstationThe Next Step

In summary, whether you need to vary your atmospheres, share resources or share budgets, a Whitley M Workstation could be the ideal solution. To discuss how your research could benefit from a Whitley Variable Atmosphere Workstation, please call our UK sales team on

T: 01274 595728/ E: sales@dwscientific.co.uk

or contact your local  distributor


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