WASP Used in Cultivation of Human Skin Microflora

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WASP Used in Cultivation of Human Skin Microflora

Labskin are world leaders in manufacturing hosts for harmful bacteria. Their Fibrin Gel matrix is the only commercially available laboratory-grown full thickness human skin test platform that creates new collagen production and shows the impact of cosmetic and skin care products on the skin’s microflora balance.

They offer specifically developed animal-cruelty-free test solutions to host harmful skin bacteria which allow the introduction of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances that trigger an immune response.

We asked Labskin how the Whitley Automated Spiral Plater has impacted their work over the last 5 years:

“Our work in the laboratories involves the cultivation of microbes, mainly belonging to the human skin microflora. We are able to colonise our proprietary full thickness human skin model with several consortia of microorganism to mimic the human skin environment. 

Our work involves isolating and plating mixes containing several species of microorganisms. We need to do that using several dilutions to make sure we are able to count the microbes.  This implies the inoculation of hundreds of agar plates of differential medium for each study. This would not be possible without the WASP, which provides the ability to inoculate several agar plates from the same samples in a quick and consistent manner. We also use a Protos 3 colony counter, and without the combination of these tools it would be very tedious and time-consuming for us to manually count hundreds of plates.”

- Dr. David Caballero-Lima, Services Manager for Labskin

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