Whiston Hospital add to their Whitley collection

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Whiston Hospital add to their Whitley collection

Whitley A25 Anaerobic Workstation Installed at Whiston Hospital, Merseyside

A Whitley A25 Anaerobic Workstation was recently installed at Whiston Hospital, Merseyside by our wonderful team of installation specialists. A replacement for the hospital’s trusted Whitley DG250 Anaerobic Workstation, the A25 joins a Whitley A35 and A45 that the hospital already owns. The A25 will be used by Neil Rathbone and team for the incubation of microaerophiles such as Campylobacter. 

The A25 is equipped with many features that ensure easy and efficient use, as well as guaranteeing that the ideal conditions are maintained for particular organisms. It has a capacity of 300 Petri dishes while still leaving more than adequate space to process samples in a strictly controlled environment. Often used as an anaerobic workstation, Whiston Hospital are able to use the A25 as a microaerobic chamber by simply connecting a suitable pre-mixed gas.

This workstation is equipped with instant access ports and has a built-in, rapid airlock that can accommodate 20 x 90mm Petri dishes or 3 x 500 ml Duran bottles. The airlock allows items to be transferred into the workstation atmosphere in 20 seconds and the doors are interlocked so cannot be opened simultaneously. With its colour, touchscreen interface, the team at Whiston Hospital can control and operate the workstation ensuring a strict microaerobic atmosphere is constantly maintained.

Overseeing the installation and providing the on-site training was our Sales Director, Steve Robertson, who commented: “The A25 is one of our smaller workstations but gives Whiston the flexibility to set up special conditions for growing Campys.”

We wish all the best to Neil and the team in Merseyside and look forward to continuing our relationship with Whiston Hospital.


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