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Erika Cosset, Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL)

Advancements in cancer research rely heavily on state-of-the-art technology and dependable apparatus. Erika Cosset, who has overseen cell culture research at a renowned cancer research lab in Switzerland and now conducts her investigations at the prestigious Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL) in France, recently came to us requiring new equipment.

A Perfect Fit: Erika's Expertise and the Seahorse Analyser

Erika's previous experience in Switzerland had provided her with invaluable insights into cancer cell development. Her work revolved around tracking mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis, crucial processes for understanding tumour growth. The Seahorse Analyser emerged as an essential tool in her research arsenal, enabling Erika to gain deeper insights into these intricate cellular mechanisms.

When Erika embarked on her new research journey at CRCL in France, equipping her laboratory with the right tools became a top priority. Don Whitley Scientific distributor, Labo and Co, ensured they had a thorough understanding of Erika’s needs and after careful deliberation, it was determined that investing in a Whitley i2 and H35 Hypoxystation duo, Whitley AsPROvac, and an Agilent Seahorse Analyser would provide the perfect solution for Erika's research goals.

The team in France eagerly put the equipment to the test upon installation and the results were outstanding, confirming the effectiveness of the i2 and H35 duo.

Acknowledging Excellence

Erika was thrilled with the service, "Throughout the entire process, Labo and Co, demonstrated outstanding customer service. Their expertise, support, and commitment to understanding my needs ensured a seamless installation." If you are interested in the range of DWS products and are outside of the UK, head over to our directory to see who your local distributor is.


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