Cellular Handling System for the XF Analyser

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Cellular Handling System for the XF Analyser

If your research involves a need to measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in experimental cell populations under controlled hypoxic conditions, the Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation is the cellular handling system for you. The i2 has been developed specifically to house the Seahorse XF Analyser under variable oxygen tensions.

A system for cellular processing within a closed environment, the i2 provides oxygen variability with an internal temperature maintained at no higher than 28°C. It also excludes carbon dioxide and ensures precise oxygen control.

The i2 is a modular system that can be used as a stand-alone unit or connected to a Whitley Hypoxystation (via a transfer tunnel) enabling the preparation of cell lines under hypoxic conditions and their transfer directly into the i2 without exposure to air. This workstation is equipped with a generous working area in which to conduct preparatory work and is supplied complete with a removable front, internal mains sockets, and full colour touchscreen interface.

Read Application Note AN002
(University of Manchester)

Whitley i2 connected to an H35 HypoxystationFeatures of the i2:

  • 12 litre airlock, with a cycle time of just 60 seconds - accommodates up to 7 x 0.5 litre bottles, 44 × 96 well plates or 84 × T25 tissue culture flasks, pipettes and other laboratory consumables.
  • Large working area inside the chamber.
  • Integral 4 litre incubator for preconditioning cell ware and media.
  • Patented oval glove ports for maximum comfort in use.
  • Options include data logging, gas sample port, bespoke trolley, cable glands, automatic sleeve gassing, and IQOQ documentation.

If your research requires unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility and reliability, then insist on a Whitley Workstation.

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