Travel Grant students present at Microbiome Connect Europe

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DWS Travel Grant allows students to present microbiome work at conference

Alessia Favaron and Laura McCoubrey, PhD students from the University College London School of Pharmacy both recently received the DWS travel grant. This allowed them to present their findings at the Microbiome Connect Europe conference, 5-6 July in Amsterdam.

Alessia presented her work ‘Exploring the Interaction of JAK Inhibitor Drugs with the Human Gut Microbiome' while Laura presented on ‘Machine Learning Predicts Personalised Microbiome Drug Metabolism’. 

Both Alessia and Laura used a Whitley A25 Anaerobic Workstation within their projects to ensure an accurate atmosphere in which to incubate their samples. The anaerobic range is ideal for applications within microbiome research, providing precise control over parameters such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity. Such exact control allows researchers to create a controlled environment, replicating conditions of the human gut, conducive to reproducible results and analysis.

If you are a student using a Whitley Workstation and wish to present your findings at a meeting or conference, head over to our Travel Grant page to see if you are eligible for the award! Similarly, if you are interested in the Whitley Workstation range, click the link to see what we have to offer, or scroll down to see what others had to say about their workstations.


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