James Cook Hospital: Paving the way in automation

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James Cook Hospital: Paving the way in automation

We are delighted to share our most recent Copan WASP installation at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. After their old machine had given them almost 12 years of service, the team at James Cook Hospital entrusted us, Don Whitley Scientific, with the task of upgrading their system.

Our partnership with James Cook Hospital has evolved over the years, extending beyond mere equipment procurement to encompass comprehensive service, maintenance, and training provisions.

Don Whitley Scientific’s longstanding relationship with Copan means that James Cook always gets the best level of support. Whether it is remote access support from Copan or direct service support from specially trained Don Whitley personnel, the right people are always involved.

The Copan WASP stands as an example of innovation in microbiological specimen processing. It operates as a fully automated, barcode-driven, sample processing machine that increases laboratory productivity as well as reducing the potential for human error. Copan’s business model of modularity also ensures that any investment in equipment
can be expanded on in the future. A WASP bought now can be integrated into WASP Lab at a later date.

At James Cook Hospital, the WASP plays a pivotal role in efficiently processing swab samples. This, in combination with the Copan eSwab, optimises the processing of microbiological samples and can help increase the recovery of target organisms. This upgrade represents our ongoing dedication to empowering healthcare institutions with state-of-the-art solutions for improved patient care.Copan Automation, available at DWS


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