M35 Workstation Installed at the University of Essex

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Mert Uyaroglu with the M35 Workstation.

Our team recently installed a Whitley M35 Workstation at the University of Essex. With precise control of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, humidity and temperature, it is ideal for the study and isolation of microaerophilic organisms.

We had the opportunity to speak to Marcus Edwards from the university to understand how the M35, Marcus’ first Whitley workstation, has helped his innovative project, focusing on developing protein overexpression systems for anaerobic bacteria in order to support characterisation of their electron transfer proteins/pathways.

We asked Marcus to describe the work he is doing using the M35.

Marcus explained, “We will be using the system to culture and genetically manipulate anaerobic electroactive bacteria which are capable of exchanging electrons between the intracellular and extracellular environments. These bacteria and their mechanisms of electron transfer into/out of the cell are of interest for their biotechnological applications in microbial fuel cells, biosensors, bioremediation, biomining/biorecovery of strategically important metals and for microbial electrosynthesis producing high value chemicals from low value feed stocks.”

What key benefits stand out with using the M35?

“The ability to control the O2, CO2 and H2 concentrations within the glovebox gives us a large degree of flexibility in the bacteria we are able to study. Without this ability we would be restricted to using expensive custom gas mixes.”

Why DWS?

“DWS were the only company that were able to provide a 4-gas system that suited our needs. The company provided excellent customer service and worked with us to make sure we were getting a system that suited our needs.”

We thank the University of Essex for choosing Don Whitley Scientific and Marcus Edwards for providing an insight into his project. We wish Marcus all the best with his research. If you have an application that requires one of our workstations, please email us at sales@dwscientific.co.uk.


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